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Strategy for Denmark’s Engagement with the African Development Bank 2016 – 2019

February 2016


The African Development Bank (AfDB) extends loans and grants to African countries to promote sustainable economic growth and reduce poverty in Africa. Today, the Bank stands out as a preferred partner for governments and private sector actors in Africa; a status achieved through increased lending, a decentralisation process and the Bank’s strong leadership and close relationship with African leaders. Denmark’s relationship with the AfDB was reinforced by former President Kaberuka’s engagement in the Africa Commission (2008–2011) which confirmed a sense of common values, in particular related to the importance of green and inclusive private sector-led growth for political and economic development in Africa. Denmark expects to further strengthen the close and value-based relations with the Bank under the new leadership of President Adesina.

Table of Contents

Abbreviation List

Executive Summary

1 Objective

2 The African Development Bank and Danish Engagement

3 Strategic Considerations

4 Priority Areas And Intended Results For 2016–2019

5 Financial Contributions (Commitments)

6 Major Risks and Assumptions

Annex 1 Outline of the Results Management Framework of the African Development Bank

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