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Priorities for Danish Development Cooperation

Overview of the Development Cooperation Budget 2014 – 2017


The Danish Government hereby presents its priorities for the Danish development cooperation for the years 2014-2017. With this prioritisation of the development cooperation budget, the new strategy for Denmark’s development cooperation, The Right to a Better Life (2012), is further implemented.

The overarching goal for Denmark’s development cooperation is to fight poverty with human rights and economic growth. Four strategic priority areas will be given special attention: Human rights and democracy, green growth, social progress and stability and protection.

The priorities for development cooperation in 2014-2017 emphasise green growth and sustainable development. Economic growth is necessary in the fight against poverty. However, the growth should be sustainable and inclusive, be based on increased productivity and lead to job creation. At the same time, the Government will work for increased synergies between development cooperation and trade and investments for the benefit of both developing countries and Danish companies. Moreover, Denmark will strengthen its multilateral activities, continue its high level of engagement in fragile states and enter into development contracts with e.g. a focus on the fight against corruption.

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Green Growth benefitting all

Priorities for Danish Development Cooperation


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