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All Danish supported sector programmes will include strong requirements for monitoring and evaluation in full conformity with the guidelines for Danish development assistance. Funds will be allocated in the programmes to ensure that the Royal Government has capacity to carry out monitoring and evaluation functions.

Sector reviews and technical reviews will be undertaken regularly in the priority sectors with the Bhutanese partners and preferably in collaboration with other donors. The timing of these reviews are decided by the Steering Committee of the individual programmes. Recommendations from the review will be presented to the Steering Committee for consideration and possible action. Further the Steering Committees have the responsbility to oversee the implementation of the programmes and give guidance on possible adjustments.

High level consultations between Bhutan and Denmark, which normally take place every second year, are used as a forum for discussion of overall strategic issues.

Verifiable and measurable indicators will be used to monitor progress in the programmes. All indicators used for monitoring Danish supported activities will be based on the Royal Governments own indicators. Overall goals for the 10th FYP are included in the plan document and more specific indicators are expected to be ready during 2008. A new division in the Gross National Happiness Commission (Plan Monitoring and Coordination Division) has been established, which will be responsible for indicator development and monitoring. Denmark has offered to assist in establishing the poverty monitoring mechanism as part of the Danish supported Good Governance Programme.

An evaluation of the country programme, assessing the results achieved since Bhutan became a Danish programme country, has been initiated and will provide direction for the future development cooperation between Denmark and Bhutan. The evaluation is expected to be be carried out in three stages, the first of which was carried out in 2006, and the second one to be carried out in 2009, with the purpose of creating a framework for a sustainable phasing out strategy.

Photo: Father carrying his son in the Chukkha province – Photo: Jørgen Schytte

Father carrying his son in the Chukkha province – Photo: Jørgen Schytte

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