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Strategy for Danish support to civil society in developing countries

The updated Civil Society Strategy relates to the assistance provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark through the Danish civil society organisations as well as the bilateral governmental assistance channelled directly to organisations in the recipient countries.

The overarching objective of the updated Civil Society Strategy is to ensure the delivery of effective and relevant support by the Danish authorities to civil society organisations in developing countries.

The Strategy places emphasis on supporting the capacity building of civil society organisations and on promoting advocacy work. Support to services cannot stand alone, but should be tied to capacity development and advocacy work at local, regional or national level.

The updating relates primarily to the international development aid objectives adopted in recent years, including the UN Millennium Development Goals and the Paris Declaration on harmonisation of development cooperation. In addition, the Strategy describes in detail the special conditions that exist in fragile situations and states with particularly weak civil societies. Lastly, the Strategy includes new, more flexible forms of cooperation with the organisations.

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Table of Contents:

1. Objective and goals for Danish support  
2. New challenges for civil society
3. The roles of civil society in development cooperation
4. Fundamental operational principles
5. Cooperation modalities
6. Popular foundation and information activities
7. Implementation of the strategy


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