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The strategy “Denmark in Asia – Opportunities for the Future sets outs the Government’s vision for strengthening Denmark’s position in Asia. The strategy is a follow-up to the Government’s Globalisation Strategy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Globalisation Analysis, both published in 2006. If Denmark is to compete in a globalised world, we must all become better at exploiting the opportunities that Asia offers. It is a matter of securing our future prosperity. Asia offers not only great opportunities for Danish business in the form of exports and investments, but also new opportunities for cooperation in the fields of research, education and culture. In order to be successful in enhancing Denmark’s position in Asia, it is vital that all stakeholders in Denmark interact with each other in a strong and innovative way. This is what the strategy “Denmark in Asia – Opportunities for the Future aims to ensure.

The strategy “Denmark in Asia – Opportunities for the Future has been drawn up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in close consultation with other ministries and with input from a wide circle of Danish resource persons who, by virtue of their organisational affiliations or personal knowledge, have crucial interests and/or insight into Asian society and culture. The strategy focuses on aspects of cooperation with Asia relating to the economic, research, cultural, environmental, development and broader foreign policy fields.

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Table of Contents:

Welcome to Asia’s Century
PART I: The continent of new economic opportunity
PART II: What Denmark will, can and must do in Asia


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