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DESIGN: All good design is based on logic. And for designer Lars Rømer-Nygaard the logic always leads to the Golden Section. Then the design works

To architect Lars Rømer-Nygaard design and music are two sides of the same coin. Based on the Golden Section, a fascination with the peculiarities of magic squares and the fundamental role of 1V2 in mathematics, combined with a polymath’s intricate brain, he moves effortlessly between jazz at an advanced level, inventions, development of building and production methods, bookcases and notice boards.

“To me design is a matter of logic,” says Lars Rømer-Nygaard. And with the Golden Section and 1V2 in my toolbox, the result is renewal every time.”

The ultimate bookcase
Rømer-Nygaard and colleague Per Borre’s latest bookcase system Nonus is conquering an international market based on the same approach, by logically determining desired and undesired properties. The bookcase should be: able to be assembled without the use of nails, screws, brackets or glue, flexibly put together in endless individual combinations, suitable for placing along a wall or around a corner. All the problems were solved with a both simple and ingenious principle, where all the parts slide into each other and lock into position at the back so that the parts function like a bond in brickwork. A patent for the system has been applied for, and gradually as the system’s success spreads, large scale production is being prepared.

“The way to assemble Nonus is simple logic, once you understand the principle,” says Rømer-Nygaard. “The fact that we have also put beautiful formats into the construction itself by designing a universal module according to the magic square, makes the bookcase even more beautiful.”

Inspired by music
When Lars Rømer-Nygaard plays jazz trumpet, he is also in the golden section’s universe where music and the attempt to square the circle are elevated to a higher plane.

It was during a jam session that Lars Rømer-Nygaard had the idea for the prefabricated Mansard roof construction, where the sides are lifted with a crane into the vertical position. With specially patented brackets, the lowest part of the roof is first fixed to the wall plate, after which the roof parts are lowered towards each other. When the two halves meet at the right angle, they click together and the roof construction is complete.

Rømer-Nygaard has also designed a notice board for use with both magnets and pins, which has become highly popular. Thought through logically, like a mathematical equation, where the correct solution suddenly appears. Eureka!


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