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DISTRIBUTION: Danske Fragtmænd a.m.b.a. has introduced the world’s most comprehensive electronic documentation and data collection system

As a new initiative in Den-mark’s transport and logistics industry, Danske Fragtmænd has introduced an electronic records system, which customers can directly access to check invoices, statements etc. The system, called Track & Trace, is based on electronic scanning of all consignment notes and enables every detail of goods in transit to be monitored. Track & Trace functions both as consignment documentation and as a records system, which can be used for future despatches.

Danske Fragtmænd is Den-mark’s largest national transport and distribution company. It is also a cooperative in which 130 independent carriers have shares. The company operates 23 cargo terminals and 20 warehousing facilities across Denmark, from which over 40,000 consignments are despatched daily.

“The international side of our business is currently growing particularly well,” says Peter Jepsen, sales and marketing director of Danske Fragtmænd. “International companies are using our distribution network in Denmark, well supported by our electronic records system and Track & Trace system, where each consignment can be monitored on-line by both sender and receiver. It helps to provide the security, which foreign customers expect from us.” By the beginning of this year, there were over 100 million electronic consignment notes in Danske Fragtmænd’s records system. Consignment notes can be traced on-line three months back.



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