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BUNKERING: The lifeblood of efficient shipping is efficient bunkering. On time, at the right quality and at the right price. Dan-Bunkering Ltd. is a leading specialist in the sector

If a ship advises its arrival in Yokohama on Tuesday at 17.00 and departure at 21.00, then it means that the ship must sail at 21.00, and not Wednesday at 01.00 because the necessary bunkering had not been arranged. Even a delay of a few hours can result in disproportionate costs for shipping companies.

“Bunkering of oil and lubricants on time, in the right quantities and of the right quality, cannot be allowed to go wrong,” says sales director Jesper Juhl of A/S Dan-Bunkering Ltd., headquartered in Middelfart, Denmark. The company also has offices in Copenhagen, Kaliningrad and Shanghai. Dan-Bunkering has become the world’s second largest company in this niche sector by cultivating those quality criteria sought after by shipping companies worldwide.

“And of course at the right prices,” he adds. “If a shipping company can obtain the same service at a cheaper price from another supplier, they will take it. We are constantly on our toes, do our homework and offer that little bit extra to gain and maintain our customers’ loyalty.”

Understanding customer needs
One of the reasons why Dan-Bunkering is one of the most popular companies in its sector, is because it has its own shipping company in the United Shipping & Trading Company Group.

“Having our own shipping company means we understand customer needs,” says Jesper Juhl. “We know where problems can arise and what is important to shipping companies – the right price and timely delivery of the right products, both onshore and offshore. One of our specialities is offshore servicing of all the ships which ply the Baltic Sea. Ships sailing to and from ports in the Baltic Sea know that we have the right products. We just need to be told a rendezvous point and we will be there without the ships needing to call at port. Bunkering happens at sea, regardless of the time, weather or wind.” It is primarily the company’s large network of supply companies and its access to the product market with the right prices and qualities which has made the company one of the shipping companies’ preferred bunker partners. Dan-Bunkering uses a vast number of larger and smaller operators all over the world.

Lifeline for ships
Another reason is the egalitarian approach Dan-Bunkering takes to customers. There is no distinction made between a delivery of 1,500 litres to a small pilot boat or 15,000 tons to the world’s largest container ships.

“Everyone is entitled to quality, delivery assurances, good service and all the extras such as water, provisions, the special tobacco for the captain or the crew or any specialities of food. We help in changing of crews. Or if a sailor gets sick and needs treatment on land. Here too, we are the direct lifeline for many ships,” says Jesper Juhl.


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