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MARITIME CLUSTER: As a seafaring nation, Denmark has a lot to offer: world class shipping and operations, a leading maritime equipment industry, strong innovation, research and development, and training

The Maritime Cluster in Denmark is more than shipping companies and ships. Around 100,000 people work in a wide range of shipping-related industries, including design of ships, shipbuilding, navigation and telecommunication equipment, electronic control systems, engines, paint and shipfitting.

“When our ships are built in Korea, China or Japan, it’s actually only the assembly work and the steel which is sourced locally,” says Jan Kastrup-Nielsen, president of Lauritzen Kosan. “Danish developed or produced equipment and fittings usually constitute up to 35% of the price. And it is not only ships ordered by Danish shipping companies. Both shipping yards and foreign shipping companies have woken up to Danish sub-suppliers.”

In parallel with its strong and innovation driven industry, Denmark has built a leading-edge research and development environment which forms part of the Danish Maritime Cluster. Research into subjects which help define the ’Quality Shipping’ concept are conducted at the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Southern Denmark and at research centres around the country. Key areas comprise robotics, geographical information systems, collision analysis, wave loads, software for logistics and more besides.

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