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Kitchen utensils of international class
Eva Denmark has received more international design awards than any other Danish company. Its consistent design quality has earned the company over 100 awards, and new ones are added at regular intervals.

Eva Denmark
Director Jan Engelbrecht, Eva Denmark A/S underscores the values designed into its product range. “An EVA product must naturally be functional, but above all it must signal quality and lifestyle. It must be beautiful to look at, nice to work with and help to raise working processes from routine to pleasure.”

In the past 50 years, Eva Denmark has developed from a hardware producer into a company, which specialises in all the things necessary for cooking and serving food, in a range which synthesises innovation and design.

“From the moment the first whisk was given the EVA name, we have aimed to put innovation in our products,” says Engelbrecht. “We were the first to make Teflon coated frying pans. And our version of an ordinary product like kettle holders received a design award, not just for looking good, but also because we make them in silicone which offers the best insulation and is easy to clean. We carefully think through every little detail to achieve the optimal result every time.”

Photo. Director Jan Engelbrecht

From making products for the kitchen Eva Denmark has expanded into the dining room and living room, with tableware, vases, jugs and bowls. The next area in the company’s sights is the outdoor terrace, which is increasingly used in modern residential life. The first step has already been taken with an outdoor barbecue which in both form and function sets new standards for outdoor meal making.

EvaTrio comprises a classic range of pots designed by Ole Palsby. The EvaTrio name refers to the three materials in which the range was originally produced: aluminium, cast iron and copper. Today the range is also made in stainless steel and with SLIP-LET non-stick coating. Each of the materials has its own special value. The shared design and sizes allow combinations which make the most of the fewest tools.



Wine always tastes best when you drink it from the right glass. So when Eva Den-mark decided to add wine glasses to its range of functional cooking and serving utensils, it teamed up with the very best when they were satisfied in every respect, did Eva Denmark’s glass blowers start working. The resulting design was exquisite, elegant, and harmonious with all the characteristics to bring out the grape varieties. The hand made edges of the glass are uniquely formed at an angle of exactly 14 degrees. The sloping edge enhances the wine’s bouquet and makes each glass into a work of art.


With EvaSolo, Eva Denmark has expanded from the kitchen to the dining area with a long list of innovative products, from the waste bin with its ingenious lid and bag system to a trendily insulated coffee percolator which has put the art back into coffee making. EvaSolo is classic Danish design with clever ideas in every detail. The materials used are steel, aluminium, glass and porcelain. EvaSolo products are design by Henrik Holbæk and Claus Jensen.

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