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ADVERTISING GADGET: The pyramids in Egypt and Latin America are amazing. But when Peter Simonsen turns a pyramid on its head, and gets Madonna, the latest Toyota or Microsoft Vista’s symbols to dance, drive or drift inside it in abstract choreography, and in perfect 3D, then the magic reaches new heights.

Peter Simonsen is the man behind Cheoptics360, which uses invisible screens, mirrors and video to create free floating images in perfect 3D. Cheoptics360 has already pushed the visual communication envelope in advertising. Long term, it could have a revolutionary impact on the film industry and theatre.

Blending fantasy and reality
“Cheoptics360 offers whole new ways of showing films and presentations,” says Peter Simonsen. “The audience sees video as fluid images, which are seen in perfect 3D from every angle. It also allows fantasy and reality to be blended together in a new way. Breaking out of conventional flat screen formats enables action to be shown in a limitless space.” In the advertising world, where competition to attract consumer attention is especially tough, Peter Simonsen’s pyramid has received a lot of interest. The system has been used at presentations and events for multinational concerns in New York, London, Tokyo and Dubai. Currently Peter Simonsen’s company viZoo and collaboration partner Ramboll are developing the system into a complete concept in the form of boxes, which can be constructed as advertising columns at exhibitions, in airports or in railway stations – anywhere where consumer attention can be attracted.

Physical images
“The idea and system have been enthusiastically received by the advertising industry because of the tremendous creative potential,” says Peter Simonsen. “I see countless opportunities when polymer TV screens are further developed. When screens can be bent, rolled or angled, it will make it possible to create images in physical form.”


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