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Evaluation 2006.04

The focus of this evaluation is on the capacity development of six Bhutanese organisations supported by the Danish country programme. The evaluation assesses changes in output of the key organisations as indicators of local capacity development. It will serve to improve Danish
support to Bhutan and to enhance the sustainability of the results achieved. It is also a first step in the planned evaluation of Danida’s Bhutan country programme. Overall, the evaluation finds that the Danish mixture of sector budget support, earmarking for capacity development in critical areas of need, and strategic use of technical assistance has worked well in addressing the Bhutanese Government’s priorities.

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Table of Contents:

List of Abbreviations and Acronyms
Glossary of Terms
Map of Bhutan with Districts
Executive Summary
1 Introduction and Background
2. Findings of Capacity Development Outcome Evaluation
3. Conclusions: Cross-Sector Issues, Lessons and Recommendations


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