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IT TECHNOLOGY: Using Indian IT expertise only because it is inexpensive is a thing of the past. Today Scandinavian management style and Indian knowhow in combination produce IT systems which increase the value of companies


“Danish management and system design, combined with Indian IT knowledge and expertise, make a perfect match.”

So says Jesper Kring, director and coowner of Kring Technologies, who has built up an IT organisation in India with more than 170 staff in just three years. They are all experts in Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and architecture developed by Kring Technologies. The company’s customers are mainly in the telecom, healthcare and finance sectors.

The right experts

“With our Scandinavian oriented management style and Indian knowledge, we are able to supply the best of both worlds,” says Jesper Kring. “But to find just the right people means that we have to be present on the market. The rosy picture that some like to paint of the IT situation in India, is not one that I recognise. Even with millions of graduates each year from the Indian universities – of whom many, many are IT people – it is tremendously difficult to find just the right ones. When we are recruiting people we often receive thousands of applications. But for every 100, we can actually only use one! Just the practical procedure of reading CVs, checking diplomas, interviewing shortlisted candidates and doublechecking their abilities and experience, is a challenge that requires many resources.”

Globalisation means a lot to Jesper Kring. For it is as a result of globalisation that Kring’s Indian subsidiary supplies IT systems to some of USA’s largest telco companies.


“The right exploitation of globalisation in our industry puts everybody in a winwin situation,” says Jesper Kring. “But whereas previously the focus was very much on the financial side of IT system development and mainly occupied with price, the focus is now much more on the value chain itself and the delivery models for the development of IT systems. Knowledgesharing is everything. It also means that we often have a very important task in helping company managements to make their organisations adaptable to optimally exploit the new delivery models for the development of IT. It applies to the adaptability of the staff, and especially the management’s understanding of the major effect the models can have on the company’s competitiveness, if it is done right.”

“But,” says Jesper Kring, “it applies just as much to Indian IT companies that they need to make extra efforts to find the right collaboration partners in Europe, and here it is advantageous to look at Denmark. Based on my experience in Danish- Indian IT collaboration, India should definitely choose Denmark as its European hub. To India, Denmark is simply value for money.”



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