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Danida’s Annual Report 03

Danida’s annual report documents the outcomes in relation to the goals established for Danish development assistance activity in 2003.
The special focus of the 2003 report is the decentralisation of responsibility and competence to Danish embassies in the programme countries. Another theme is the effort for better cooperation with other donors (donor harmonisation) and new methods for target and performance management. Efforts in the priority areas of stability, security and the role of development assistance in the fight against terrorism as well as the new action plan to combat corruption form further themes. The annual report describes the complex causal relations in the development processes. Danish development assistance is implemented under very different political and social conditions, and the assistance never stands alone. The most important motive force is the recipient country’s own effort. The annual report is divided into two parts:
• International development cooperation
• Danish development cooperation

The outcomes on the level of projects and programmes can be read – in Danish only – in Program- og Projektorientering at . Program- og Projektorientering makes it possible – in Danish – to make a crosscutting search of all development assistance activities.

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Table of Contents:

Development assistance breakdown for 2003
Foreword by the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs
Danish assistance in a wider context
1. International Development Cooperation  
2. Danish Developement cooporation 
Bilateral development cooperation
Transitional assistance
Fight against corruption
Fight against terrorism
Human rights and democracy
Gender equality
Participation of trade and industry
Environmental assistance
Humanitarian assistance
Legislative basis and administration


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