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The evaluation team is sincerely grateful to the numerous individuals who gave so generously of their time for interviews during this evaluation. In particular, we would like to thank Sus Ulbæk (Ambassador, Head of the Evaluation Department), Thomas Thomsen (Head of the Humanitarian Team), Jette Michelsen (Chief Advisor, Humanitarian Team) and Henrik Jespersen (Senior Technical Advisor, Technical Advisory Services) for their active engagement with the evaluation process and insightful contributions. We would also like to thank Peter Bøgh Jensen (Senior Consultant, Evaluation Department) for his support with the second half of the evaluation.

The team is very grateful to Danida’s partners for their inputs and their willingness to respond to information requests. The NGO partners in Copenhagen have been particularly active in engaging with the team throughout the evaluation process.

The team is also very appreciative of all the help and support that it received during field visits, particularly from Karin Eriksen (Senior Advisor) in South Sudan and all the Danida partners who arranged visits to project sites.

The team is also grateful for the substantial logistical support provided by Itad staff members Sarah Owen and Michelle Kay in organising travel, particularly to South Sudan. We would also like to thank Chris Barnett for quality assurance that has been of great benefit.

This report was authored by Tasneem Mowjee (evaluation team leader and principal author) and David Fleming. Team members Teresa Hanley and Erik Toft provided important inputs.


This page forms part of the publication "Evaluation of the strategy for Danish humanitarian action 2010-2015 – Synthesis report – Evaluation 2015.01" as acknowledgments.
Version no. 1.0, 2015-05-13
Publication may be found at the address http://www.netpublikationer.dk/um/15_evaluation_2015_01/index.html