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Evaluation of the Danish Strategy for the Promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights 2006-2013

Synthesis Report

Evaluation 2014.03


Denmark launched a Strategy for Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in 2006 and an evaluation of Denmark’s efforts are herewith made public. The evaluation had a two-fold objective: 1) to document results of what had been achieved in terms of promotion of SRHR at international level and country level focussing on the two case studies of Ghana and Mozambique; and 2) to inform future support for SRHR in light of the decision to place Denmark in the forefront of international advocacy for progress on SRHR.

The evaluation was conducted by an independent evaluation team of international consultants from Europe Health Group, DK and the Royal Tropical Institute of the Netherlands as of December 2013 to August 2014.

It was found that Denmark’s support to SRHR has made a significant and credible contribution to results in SRHR at both international and country levels. It has achieved this result through a pragmatic and complementary use of a variety of Contribution Pathways at both international and country level.

Table of Contents


Abbreviations and Acronyms

Executive Summary

1 Introduction and Background

2 Danish Support to SRHR in Context

3 Applying Contribution Analysis to Denmark’s Strategy for SRHR

4 Contributing to SRHR at International Level

5 Contributing to SRHR at Country Level

6 The Rights-Based Approach and Support to SRHR

7 Efficiency and Sustainability at International and Country Levels

8 Conclusions and Recommendations

Annex A: Evaluation Criteria and Level of Coverage

Annex B: Methodology and Approach

Annex C: Persons Interviewed

Annex D: References

Annex E: Country Context

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