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The Evaluation Team would like to thank all the stakeholders who have participated in the Evaluation. The team would especially like to thank the owners and employees of all the Danish and local companies that have taken time out of their busy schedules to meet with the team, respond to phone calls, Skype meetings, e-surveys and participated in focus group discussions. Their input has been invaluable in order to truly get a grip of the results of the B2B Programme.

A great thanks to staff at Danida’s Evaluation office in Copenhagen and staff at the Danish embassies who have spent a lot of time digging out documentation on the many partnerships that have been assessed as part of this Evaluation.

Also a special thanks to the members of the Evaluation Reference Group who has guided the Evaluation Team along the way and provided critical comments and feedback to the different outputs.


This page forms part of the publication "Evaluation of Danida Business-to-Business Programme 2006-2011 – Evaluation 2014.05" as the acknowledgements.
Version no. 1.0, 2014-11-14
Publication may be found at the address http://www.netpublikationer.dk/um/14_danida_btb_programme_2006_2011/index.html