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Table of Contents


Abbreviations and Acronyms

Executive Summary

1 Introduction

2 The B2B Programme and its Context

3 The B2B Programme Portfolio

4 Country Contextual Analysis

5 Relevance

6 Efficiency

7 Effectiveness

8 Impact

9 Sustainability

10 Answering the Evaluation Questions and Lessons Learned

11 Conclusions and Recommendations

Annex A: Terms of Reference (short version)

Annex B: The Methodology of the Evaluation

Annex B.1: Contextual Parameters and Assumptions

Annex B.2: Ratings and Criteria

Annex C: Evaluation Matrix

Annex D: Theory of Change for the B2B Programme


This page forms part of the publication "Evaluation of Danida Business-to-Business Programme 2006-2011 – Evaluation 2014.05" as the Table of Contents.
Version no. 1.0, 2014-11-14
Publication may be found at the address http://www.netpublikationer.dk/um/14_danida_btb_programme_2006_2011/index.html