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Evaluation of Danida supported Research on Agriculture and Natural Resource Management 2006-2011

The Evaluation was implemented from January to June 2013 with dual objectives. Firstly, to assess, document and explain the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency – and where possible sustainability and impact – of Danish support to development research within the thematic areas of agriculture and natural resource management (NRM). Secondly, to provide lessons learned and recommendations which may feed into on-going discussions on how to improve support to development research, and more specifically into the current process of developing an overall strategic framework for support to development research. The evaluation’s data collection and analysis was based on a mixed-methods approach, combining quantitative data analysis with qualitative methods, and included site visits to Tanzania and Burkina Faso.

Five funding instruments were considered by the Evaluation:

  1. Support to centres (the Danish Forest Seed Centre and the Danish Seed Health Centre for Developing Countries),
  2. Support to research networks (the Danish Development Research Forum and the Danish Water Forum),
  3. Minor studies,
  4. Projects under the Consultative Research Committee for Development Research (FFU), both North- and South-driven and
  5. Building Stronger Universities (BSU), specifically two of the four platforms.

Table of Contents:

List of abbreviations
Executive Summary
1 Introduction and Context of Evaluation
2 Intervention Mapping
3 Methodology and Approach
4 Centres
5 Networks
6 Minor Studies
7 FFU Research Grant Projects (North-driven)
8 FFU Pilot Research Cooperation Programme (South-driven projects)
9 Building Stronger Universities
10 Synergy and Coherence
11 Conclusions and Recommendations
Annex A Abbreviated Terms of Reference
Annex B Evaluation Matrix


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