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List of abbreviations

 AAU Aalborg University
 AGI-V  Agricultural Genetics Institute, Vietnam
 AU Aarhus University
 BSU Building Stronger Universities
 BSUEC Building Stronger Universities, Platform on Environment and Climate
 CAADP Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Programme
 CBNRM Community Based Natural Reseource Management
 CBS  Copenhagen Business School
 CCIAM Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation
 CGIAR Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
 CNRST National Centre for Scientific and Technological Research (Burkina Faso)
 DAC Development Assistance Committee (OECD)
 DDRN Danish Development Research Networks
 DFC Danida Fellowship Centre
 DHI Danish Hydraulic Institute
 DIIS Danish Institution of International Studies
 DKK Danish Krone
 DMI Danish Meteorological Institute
 DMU Denmark’s Miljøundersøgelser
 DSHC Danish Seed Health Centre for Developing Countries
 DTU Technical University of Denmark
 DWF Danish Water Forum
 ENRECA Enhancement of Research Capacity (programme)
 EPINAV Enhancing Pro-poor Innovation in Natural Resources and Agriculture Food Chains
 EU European Union
 EVAL Evaluation Department (Danida)
 FAAP Framework for African Agricultural Productivity
 FFU Consultative Research Committee for Development Research
 FLD Danish Centre for Forest, Landscape and Planning
 GEP Growth and Employment Platform, Building Stronger Universities
 GEPPA Research Network for Governance, Economic Policy and Public Administration
 GEUS Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
 GW Group Work
 IMF International Monetary Fund
 INERA Institute of Environment and Agricultural Research (Burkina Faso)
 IRSAT Research Institute of Applied Science and Technology (Burkina Faso)
 KNUST Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Ghana)
 KU University of Copenhagen
 KU-LIFE University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Sciences
 LSP Larger Strategic Project, FFU-project
 MU Mzumbe University, Tanzania
 NARS National Agricultural Research System
 NETARD Network for Agricultural Research for Development
 Norad Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation
 NUFU Norwegian Programme for Development, Research and Education
 OECD Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
 PANTIL Programme for Agriculture and Natural Resource Transformation for Improved Livelihoods
 PREMACA Programa Regional de Medio Ambiente en Centroamérica
 PRCP Pilot Research Cooperation Programme
 PWG Platform Working Group
 ReCom Research and Communication on Foreign Aid
 ReNED Research Network for Environment and Development
 RIA-V Research Institute for Aquaculture, Vietnam
 RUC Roskilde University
 RUFORUM Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture
 SC Steering Committee
 SDU University of Southern Denmark
 SUA Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania
 SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
 ToR Terms of Reference
 UDSM University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
 UFT Technical Advisory Services (Danida)
 UG University of Ghana
 UN United Nations
 VAST Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
 WTO World Trade Organisation

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