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The international support to the peace process in Nepal 2006-12

May 2013

Updated version, August 2013

Correction compared with the hard copy of May 2013: Executive Summary, p. 10, para. 4.

In November 2006, a Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was signed between the Government of Nepal (GoN) and the Communist Party of Nepal (the Maoist movement), ending a ten-year period of conflict that claimed more than 16,000 lives and displaced between 100,000 and 200,000 people. A range of bilateral and multilateral donors and organisations has since then supported the peace process and related efforts in Nepal.

In Denmark, as well as in other donor countries, there is currently a strong interest in learning from the experiences of this support. In 2011, EVAL decided to commission an evaluation which was expected to cover all support to the peace process and related efforts, to which Denmark (amongst other donors) had contributed. The intention was to comprehensively assess and document the way in which different areas and modalities of support – provided by Denmark and other donors – combine to contribute to the achievement of result and feed into the continued learning and improvement of peace process support. In the end however, it proved impossible to get a full overview of all support to the peace process and the evaluation ended up focusing mainly on the support rendered by three focal donors: Switzerland, Finland and Denmark - including the support by these donors to joint funding mechanisms.

The evaluation provides a number of specific recommendations for support to the Nepali peace process as well as some wider lessons on programming peace support.

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Table of Contents:

List of abbreviations
Executive summary
1 Introduction
2 Understanding and responding to the conflict
3 Development partner support
4 Relevance
5 Effectiveness
6 Efficiency
7 Impact
8 Sustainability
9 Coordination
10 Conclusions, recommendations and wider lessons
Annex A Terms of Reference
Annex B Field schedules and persons met
Annex C Methodology
Annex D References cited in report


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