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The Afghanistan Plan 2013-2014

Towards full Afghan responsibility

The Danish Afghanistan Plan 2013-2014 constitutes the political agreement behind Denmark’s engagement in Afghanistan in the coming two years. The plan describes how Denmark in 2013-2014 will continue its contribution to maintain and enhance the security, economic, political and social development in Afghanistan.

Militarily, Denmark will continue the general reduction of the Danish military presence in Helmand and continue the transformation from a combat role towards training and support efforts. Also the Danish police contribution in Helmand will be gradually reduced and the emphasis will shift in favour of contributions at the national level. The Danish development assistance in 2013-2017 will increase to an average of 530 million DKK per year, making Afghanistan the largest recipient of Danish development assistance. The civilian efforts will concentrate on selected areas that support the development towards a sustainable Afghan society; (1) economic growth and job creation, (2) education and (3) good governance. Besides this Denmark will support (4) the peace and reconciliation process and regional confidence building cooperation, (5) reintegration of returned refugees and internally displaced people and – when needed – provide urgent humanitarian aid.

The plan further states that Denmark will continue contributing to capacity building of the Afghan security and provide significant development assistance, also after 2014.

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Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Expectations to developments in Afghanistan towards the end of 2014
3. Denmark’s approach
4. The Security and police effort 2013-2014
5. The efforts in development and governance in 2013-2014
6. Financing the Danish efforts
7. A long-term partnership with mutual obligations
Annex Benchmarks for 2013-2014


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