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Evaluation of the Access to Justice Programme in Zambia, 2006-11

Evaluation 2012.06

The overall objective for the Access to Justice Programme, AtoJ, in Zambia was defined as “Improved access to justice for all, including the poor and vulnerable, women and children – through improved mandatory performance of justice agencies and institutions in collaboration with non-state actors.The Programme started as a component of the Danida funded Thematic Programme on Good Governance and Democratisation, Phase I, which was implemented from April 2006 to June 2009. AtoJ continued as a component within the Support to Good Governance Programme in Zambia Phase II, with a planned implementation period from June 2009 to December 2011.

The main purpose of the Evaluation was to inform the Government of the Republic of Zambia on the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and impact of the Access to Justice (AtoJ) Programme in Zambia, jointly funded by the Government of Zambia, Danida, European Union (EU) and Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

The evaluation presents a number of forward-looking recommendations for the continued improvement of AtoJ in Zambia that can be used in the process of the development of a new strategy. The Evaluation was carried out by an independent team composed of two international and one national expert between June and November 2012. The overall approach to data collection and analysis is based on a mixed-methods approach combining document review with analysis of existing quantitative data and qualitative information collected during a 2-week fieldwork mission to Zambia.

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Table of Contents:

Executive Summary
1 Introduction
2 Background and Context
3 Evaluation Methodology and Approach
4 Key Evaluation Findings
5 Conclusions
6 Lessons Learned and Recommendations
Annex 1 Terms of Reference
Annex 2 Evaluation Matrix
Annex 3 Programme Intervention Model
Annex 4 Fieldwork Schedule
Annex 5 Persons met during the Inception and Fieldwork Mission
Annex 6 Key Reference Documents


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