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Annex G Typology of CSO Engagement in Policy Dialogue

Checklist 1 Typology of CSO engagement in policy dialogue
Typology of CSO engagement in policy dialogue
(as used during scoping studies)
Questions for
case study analysis

Direct & formalised dialogue

  • Advocacy and campaigning
  • Participation in sector or PRSP planning
  • Monitoring, reporting, social accountability
  • Evidence-based studies and research

Direct & informal dialogue

  • Ad-hoc communication at central level
  • Ad-hoc communication at local level
  • Insider lobbying
  • Networking and coalition building
  • Demonstrations and mass action
  • Policy analysis and debate

Indirect contribution to dialogue

  • Information, education and training
  • Projects piloting innovative practices
  • Community mobilisation for feedback and advocacy

No dialogue

  • Community mobilisation for policy implementation(no feedback mechanisms included)
  • Service delivery

How effective are these strategies on their own and in combination to achieve policy change?

Relevant evaluation questions: EQ6, EQ11,

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