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Acronyms and Abbreviations

AAA Accra Agenda for Action
ACC Anti-Corruption Coalitions
ACCU Anti-Corruption Coalition of Uganda
ACODE Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment
ADA Austrian Development Agency
ADC Austrian Development Cooperation
AEI Acholi Education Initiative
ANPCANN African Network for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect
APRM African Peer Review Mechanism
BFP Budget Framework Paper
CBMAS Community Based Monitoring and Accountability System
CBMES Community Based Monitoring and Evaluation System
CBMT Community Based Monitoring Tool
CBO Community Based Organisation
CCEDU Citizens Coalition on Electoral Democracy in Uganda
CDD Community Driven Development
CEDAW Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
CEDOVIC Coalition for Domestic Violence Prevention
CEDOVIP Centre for Domestic Violence Programme
CFA Collaborative Forest Management
CHOGM Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
CLEAR Centre for Land, Economy and Rights of Women
CODECA Community Development and Conservation Agency
COPASCO Coalition of Pastoral Civil Society Organisations
CPI Corruption Perception Index
CSBAG Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group
CSO Civil Society Organisation
CSUP Civil Society Umbrella Programme
Danida Danish International Development Assistance
DDP Deepening Democracy Programme
DEI Directorate of Ethics and Integrity
DENIVA Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Organisations
DFID Department for International Development (UK)
DFO District Forestry Officer
DGF Democratic and Governance Facility
DK Denmark
DP Development Partner
DRB Domestic Relations Bill
DVB Domestic Violence Bill
DVA Domestic Violence Act
EA Environmental Alert
EAC East African Community
EDF European Development Fund
ENR Environment and Natural Resources
EOC Equal Opportunities Commission
ESCR Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (Working Group)
FBO Faith Based Organisation
FGM Female Genital Mutilation
FHRI Foundation for Human Rights Initiative
FIDA Uganda Women Lawyers Association
FOWODE Forum for Women in Democracy
FWA Framework Agreement
FWG Forest Working Group
GBV Gender Based Violence
GoU Government of Uganda
HSSP Health Sector Strategic Plan
HUGGO Human Rights and Good Governance
HURIFO Human Rights Focus
HURINET Human Rights Network
IAG Inter Agency Forum
IDP Internally Displace Persons
IEC Information Education and Communication
IG Inspectorate of Government
IGG Inspector General of Government
JLOS Justice Law and Order Sector
JSR Joint Sector Review
JTC Joint Technical Committee
KRC Kabarole Research and Resource Centre
LABF Legal Aid Basket Fund
LASPNET Legal Aid Service Providers Network
LRA Lord’s Resistance Army
M&DB Marriage and Divorce Bill
M&E Monitoring and Evaluation
MoGLSD Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development
MoLG Ministry of Local Government
MoWE Ministry of Water and Environment
MP Member of Parliament
NAADS National Agricultural Advisory Services
NAPE National Association of Professional Environmentalists
NDNSP National District Networks Support Programme
NDP National Development Plan
NFA National Forestry Authority
NGO Non-Governmental Organisation
NGP National Gender Policy
NNGOF National NGO Forum
NPA National Planning Authority
NRC Norwegian Refugee Council
ODA Overseas Development Assistance
PEAP Poverty Eradication Action Programme
PER Public Expenditure Review
PET Performance Expenditure Tracking
PETS Performance Expenditure Tracking Surveys
PLE Primary Leaving Exams
PMA Plan for Modernisation of Agriculture
PPDA Public Procurement and Disposal Authority
RANNET Ruwenzori Association of NGOs and Networks
REPA Rights Equity in Protected Areas
RDC Resident District Commissioner
Sida Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
SWG Sector Working Group
SDC Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
ToC Theory of Change
ToR Terms of Reference
UDN Uganda National NGO Forum
UGMG Uganda Governance Monitoring Group
UGX Uganda shilling (Exchange rate today: (USD 1 = UGX 2,560))
UJCC Uganda Joint Christian Council
ULA Uganda Land Alliance
UNHCO Uganda Network of Health Users/Consumers Organisation
UWA Uganda Wildlife Authority
UWASNET Uganda Water and Sanitation Network
UWEZO Education Network
UWONET Uganda Women’s Network
UWS Uganda Wildlife Society
VBC Village Budget Club

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