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Table of Contents


Acronyms and Abbreviations

Executive Summary

1 Introduction

2 Methodology

3 Brief overview of the policy processes

4 Key aspects of an enabling environment

5 Policy dialogue

6 CSO strategies on policy dialogue

7 Development Partner strategies

8 Conclusions

9 Lessons learned

Annex A Terms of Reference

Annex B Methodology and Conceptual Framework

Annex C Evaluation of Support to Civil Society Engagement in Policy Dialogue – Evaluation Framework (revised November 2011)

Annex D List of People Met

Annex E Documents Consulted

Annex F Examples of Third Sector Support Services in UK

Annex G Typology of CSO Engagement in Policy Dialogue: Comparison of the Four Thematic Areas

Annex H Appreciative Enquiry and the Power Cube

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