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The evaluation team – comprised by Carsten Schwensen (Team Leader, Orbicon A/S) and Alida Laurense (FFS Expert) with assistance from two Bangladeshi experts, Shyamal Barman and Zinia Rashid – is very grateful to all who have contributed with time and support to this evaluation assignment.

In particular, we would like to thank staff from AEC, RFLDC and the Royal Danish Embassy in Dhaka for their kind assistance to planning and implementation of the field visits as well as for valuable inputs and comments to the draft reports. We also wish to thank the two Peer Reviewers, Linda Mayoux and Jesper Ravn Hansen, for very inspiring discussions and comments.

Last, but not least, the evaluation team wishes to thank Margrethe Holm Andersen from the Evaluation Department of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for professional sparring and support throughout the process.

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