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Priorities of the Danish Government for Danish Development Assistance

Overview of the Development Assistance Budget 2012-2016
August 2011

The Danish Government hereby presents its priorities for Danish development assistance for the years 2012-2016.

The priorities for Denmark’s development assistance reflect the ongoing implementation of the strategy for Denmark’s Development Cooperation Freedom from Poverty – Freedom to Change which was launched in 2010.

With poverty reduction as the overarching goal, the strategy highlights five political priority areas for Denmark’s future engagement on development: 1) freedom, democracy and human rights, 2) growth and employment, 3) gender equality, 4) stability and fragility, and 5) environment and climate.

A stronger engagement in fewer countries and organizations creates impact, better results and room for new initiatives. The phasing out of assistance to a number of partner countries continues, reducing the number of partner countries from 26 to 19 over the coming years. Denmark’s multilateral development assistance will also be further focused with emphasis on efficiency and results. The Government will give greater priority to Denmark’s engagement in fragile states in the years to come.

The efforts to support democratic forces for freedom, especially in North Africa and the Middle East, will be markedly strengthened. as part of the implementation of the recommendations of the Africa commission, support to the promotion of growth and employment in Africa will be gradually increased, ensuring an allocation of a total of DKK 2 billion annually in 2014 to this area.

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Table of Contents:

Appendix 1: New partner country programmes in 2012
Appendix 2: Overview of Danish development assistance, draft Finance Act 2012
Appendix 3: Estimate of total Danish development assistance in 2012 according to OECD/DAC rules.


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