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The Evaluation of the Paris Declaration, phase 2

Final Report

The overall purpose of The Evaluation of the Paris Declaration is to assess the relevance and effectiveness of the Paris Declaration and its contribution to aid effectiveness and ultimately to development effectiveness.

The first phase of the evaluation was conducted with the purpose assessing changes of behavior and identifying better practices for partners and donors in implementing the Paris commitments.

The second phase, conducted with the purpose of assessing the Declaration’s contribution to aid effectiveness and development results, comprises 22 country level evaluations, seven donor and multilateral development agency studies, and several thematic studies.

This final report provides the synthesis of all component evaluations and thematic studies. The full text of the country and donor reports are included in a DVD included in the report which also contains a number of video clips illustrating the implementation of the Paris Declaration.

Among its key recommendations are:

  • Make the hard political choices to support aid reform and follow through: “…the key driver for successful reform in countries and donor agencies has been high level political engagement and support.

  • Focus on transparency, mutual accountability and shared risk management: “Transparency has emerged repeatedly throughout the Evaluation as the indispensable foundation for effectiveness ….

  • That developing countries take on the full responsibility for further improvement in aid effectiveness at home, including increasing the political will and taking specific actions to combat poverty and corruption.

  • That donor countries improve delivery on their promises—and increase peer pressure on donors that are not carrying their weight in improving aid effectiveness.

Table of Contents:

An Independent Audit of the Evaluation
A Note on Terminology
Executive Summary
1. Introduction: The Purpose and Scope of this Report
2. The Declaration in Context
3. Findings on Contributions to Aid Effectiveness
4. Findings on Contributions to Development Results
5. Conclusions
6. Main Recommendations
ANNEX 1 Executive Summaries of Phase 2 COUNTRY EVALUATIONS
ANNEX 2 Executive Summaries of Phase 2 DONOR AND AGENCY STUDIES
ANNEX 3 Executive Summaries of Updates of Phase 1 DONOR AND AGENCY UPDATES
ANNEX 4 Terms of Reference for Phase 2 of the Evaluation of the Paris Declaration
ANNEX 5 The Evaluation of the Paris Declaration Phase 2


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