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Growth and Employment 2011 - 2015

Strategic Framework for Priority Area

The strategic Framework for Growth and Employment describes focus areas, tools and approaches for implementation of the priority area Growth and Employment in the Strategy for Denmark’s Development Cooperation.

Its starting is that poverty only can be defeated by robust and sustained economic growth, reaching all levels of society and empowering the individual to take charge of and improve her or his own life. Denmark will promote growth and employment through six focus areas:

  1. Working towards increased free trade and developing countries better integration in the global economy,
  2. Strengthening local frameworks supporting economic growth,
  3. Promoting transfer of technology and innovative partnerships,
  4. Increasing production and processing with focus on value-chain approaches,
  5. promoting development of a tax base to the benefit of the poorest, and
  6. Contributing to safety nets for the most vulnerable.

Moreover, the strategic framework describes how to engage the Danish business community further in development efforts, including an outline for modernization of business instruments and the Industrialization Fund for developing countries (IFU).

Table of Contents:

1 Introduction
2 Focus areas
3 The Business Community as partner in development
4 Annual Roadmapping


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