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Evaluation of the Private Agricultural Sector Support (Pass), Tanzania

March 2019


In 2000 the Private Agriculture Sector Support (PASS) was established by the Government of Tanzania and Government of Denmark as a pilot project facility under the Agriculture Sector Programme Support (ASPS I), funded by Danida.

The vision of PASS is to reduce poverty levels for agribusiness entrepreneurs in Tanzania. More specifically, PASS facilitates the provision of financial services and business development services to small and medium size commercial farmers, groups and agribusinesses. PASS also offers a range of business development services to its clients. A focus is on the development of business plans that enable clients to get a loan. With a focus on the period from 2008 onwards, the evaluation documents that PASS has been, and remains, both relevant and additional.

The Dutch company Carnegie Consult in collaboration with Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) carried out the evaluation between August and November 2018.

Table of Contents


List of Abbreviations

Executive Summary

1 Introduction

2 Evaluation Methodology


4 Findings

5 Conclusion and recommendations

The following annexes to the Evaluation Report can be downloaded as separate PDF files from evaluation.um.dk.

Annex A: Terms of Reference

Annex B: List of interviewees

Annex C: List of documents and data sets

Annex D: Evaluation matrix

Annex E: Survey results report

Evaluation of the Private Agricultural Sector Support (PASS), Tanzania

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