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Evaluation Study – Use of Organisation Strategies and Results Reporting for Danish Multilateral Partners

December 2019


This study examines how Denmark uses its organization strategies and result reporting in its engagement with the multilateral organisations. It provides the reader with an analysis of the present approach and what decisions need to be made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if it wants to change the present way of working. Among the main oberservations is that Denmark has an informal approach to its engagement with the multilateral organisations, largely shaping its cooperation based on informal processes rather than explicit strategies or assessments of effectiveness of the organisations. None the less, the funding patterns are very similar to those resulting from more resource demanding result based management systems applied by likeminded donors, reflecting a choice to be made.

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Table of Contents

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Executive Summary

1. Introduction - Purpose, Scope and Approach of the Study

2. The Context: Old and New Challenges in Multilateral Development Cooperation

3. Management of Danish Multilateral Development Cooperation

4. What Do Other Donors Do?

5. Key Issues and Perspectives

6. Conclusions and Future Options

Annex 1: Danish Support to and through Multilateral Organisations

Annex 2: Ends and Means in the 1996 Plan for Active Multilateralism

Annex 3: OECD's New Principles on Good Multilateral Donorship

Annex 4: Danish Multilateral Performance Assessment Methodology, 2004-2006

Annex 5: Terms of References

Annex 6: References

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