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Evaluation of Danida Energy and Environment Cooperation in Southeast Asia

Evaluation Report, November 2016


This evaluation focuses particularly on interventions related to energy efficiency and renewable energy in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia in the period from 2002 to 2016. The cooperation with Thailand and Malaysia was terminated in 2008/2009, while the environmental programme in Indonesia was initiated in 2005 and runs until 2018.

The evaluation assesses the longer-term outcomes of the two programmes in Malaysia and Thailand, and also looks at the side-effects of the programmes in terms of commercial collaboration with Denmark. In all three countries, engagement of Danish private sector actors is seen as an important part of the transition process from development cooperation to new forms of cooperation.

The evaluation found that the EEC interventions have contributed to important progress towards achievement of planned development results within key areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy development in the three countries. So far, the EEC interventions – together with other Danish business instruments – have only had limited effect on Danish commercial engagements in the three countries. In Malaysia and Thailand, no effective transition process was planned when development cooperation. In Indonesia, a number of recent initiatives are likely to enable a better transition from development cooperation.

The evaluation was undertaken by a consortium of Nordic Consulting Group and Orbicon.

Table of Contents


List of Abbreviations

Executive Summary

1 Introduction

2 The Danish Environment and Energy C ooperation in Southeast Asia

3 Approach and Methodology

4 Relevance of the Environment and Energy Cooperation Interventions

5 Development Results from the Environment and Energy Cooperation Interventions

6 Key Danish Competencies and Commercial Interests – Effects and Potentials

7 Conclusions and Recommendations

The following separate annexes to the report can be downloaded from http://evaluation.um.dk:

Annex A Terms of Reference

Annex B People met/consulted

Annex C Evaluation matrix

Annex D Objectives, indicators and outcomes of selected EEC interventions in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia

Annex E Danish business instruments overview

Annex F List of relevant companies identified and their engagement in the countries

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