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Evaluation of Danida Support to Development Research (2008-2018)

March 2020


The evaluation of Danida support to development research covers the period from 2008 to 2018. A total of around 2 billion DKK was granted to research projects assessed by the evaluation, which included case studies in Ghana, Uganda and Vietnam. The main aim of the evaluation was to provide insights that would help to shape future support for development research. The evaluation was undertaken by FCG-Sweden, overseen by an independent commission.

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Table of Contents


List of Abbreviations

Executive Summary

1 The Evaluation

2 Danida’s Development Research Portfolio

3 Achieving Key Objectives

4 Towards Development Impact

5 Influencing Factors: Boundaries and Imperatives

6 Influencing Factors: Strengths, Weaknesses, Tensions and Trade-offs

7 Influencing Factors: Management and Organisation

8 Recommendations and Options

The following annexes to the Evaluation Report can be downloaded as separate PDF files from evaluation.um.dk.

Ghana Country Case Study Report
Uganda Country Case Study Report
Vietnam Country Case Study Report
Annex A: List of Findings
Annex B: Evaluation Terms of Reference
Annex C: Evaluation Matrix
Annex D: Stakeholder Map
Annex E: Sampling Strategies and Methods
Annex F: List of Persons Interviewed
Annex G: Desk Review Documents
Annex H: Examples of Interview Guides
Annex I: Survey Questionnaire
Annex J: Survey Data
Annex K: Details of the Research Quality Plus (RQ+) Assessment Approach and Sample
Annex L: The Development Research Portfolio: Figures and Data
Annex M: Evolution in Development Research & Cooperation
Annex N: The Evolution of Building Stronger Universities (BSU)
Annex O: Statistics on Research Proposals, Themes, Gender and PhDs (2014-2017)

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