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Evaluation of Agricultural Growth & Employment Programme (AGEP), Bangladesh

October 2019


Through supporting development of the agriculture, livestock and fisheries sectors in Bangladesh, Danida has promoted the farmer field school (FFS) approach since the 1990s. An evaluation of FFS was undertaken in 2011 laying the foundations for using the same approach in two components of an Agricultural Growth and Employment Programme (AGEP). The evaluation of AGEP therefore focuses on documenting the achievements and analyzing the outcomes of the FFS approach in the period 2013-18. Almost 1 million farmers participated in the farmer field schools. A household survey was carried out in order to examine impact in terms of inter alia, incomes, nutrition and employment, with a particular focus on women’s empowerment through participation in FFS. The evaluation was carried out by an independent team working with Nordic Consulting Group (NCG) and Orbicon.

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Table of Contents


List of Abbreviations

Executive Summary

1 Introduction

2 Evaluation Methodology and Approach

3 Bangladesh Development Context

4 Programme Design

5 Implementation and Results of FFS

6 Farmer Field Schools – Costs and Organisation

7 The Future for FFS in Bangladesh

8 Conclusions and Recommendations

The following annexes to the Evaluation Report can be downloaded as separate PDF files from evaluation.um.dk.

Annex 1: Terms of Reference

Annex 2: List of people consulted

Annex 3: List of documents consulted

Annex 4: Results framework IFMC and AFSP

Annex 5: Overview of M&E-related reporting requirements for IFMC

Annex 6: Evaluation methodology and approach

Annex 7: Reconstructed ToC

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