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The evaluation team would like to acknowledge the many individuals who have contributed with their time, knowledge and views in support of this evaluation.

Thanks to the large number of key stakeholders in Bangladesh, who have contributed with valuable inputs to the evaluation process through their participation in meetings, interviews and site visits. A special thanks to the nearly 1,000 farming households who participated in a household survey.

Thanks to management and staff from the Integrated Farm Management Component (IFMC) and the Agriculture and Food Security Project (AFSP) for their support to planning of field visits and for provision of data and information during the evaluation process.

The evaluation team would like to express a very special thanks to staff at the Danish embassy and to the programme advisors in Dhaka for their continuous support to the planning and implementation of the evaluation assignment. This includes a number of fruitful discussions at the embassy and through video meetings as well as constructive comments and feedback to the report drafts.

Finally, the evaluation team wishes to thank our client and the members of the Evaluation Reference Group, who have contributed through discussions and meetings throughout the process.


This page forms part of the publication "Evaluation of Agricultural Growth & Employment Programme (AGEP), Bangladesh – October 2019" as acknowledgements.
Version no. 1.0, 2020-01-16
Publication may be found at the address http://www.netpublikationer.dk/um/evaluation_agep_bangladesh_oct19/index.html